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The Ministry of Justice organized an event on May 26 with the purpose of discussing the ongoing large-scale reforms aimed at enhancing the understanding of corruption prevention among young individuals and civil servants in Uzbekistan, which was attended by experts from the General Prosecutor's Office, the Anti-Corruption Agency, and KPMG Audit.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice, along with the General Prosecutor's Office and the Anti-Corruption Agency, implemented the project "Fighting corruption through effective, accountable, and transparent management institutions in Uzbekistan" with support from the UN Development Program.

The project involved experts from KPMG Audit (Uzbekistan) and successfully concluded the initiative titled "Establishing an anti-corruption education and integrity system in government bodies and educational institutions." Educational materials and modules developed through the project were distributed to relevant stakeholders.

This project has the objective of promoting integrity among civil servants, employees of judicial and law enforcement agencies, as well as students and pupils in educational institutions while cultivating a zero-tolerance stance towards all types of corruption.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Justice

As part of this initiative, various educational programs were developed to prevent corruption across different target groups within the education sector. These programs encompass modern anti-corruption strategies, comprehensive measures to enhance legal literacy and knowledge among government officials, and specialized training courses for law enforcement agencies and courts to combat corruption effectively.

Notably, a systematic guide on anti-corruption education for children in preschool educational institutions was created. This comprehensive manual, consisting of three chapters and six sections, focuses on instilling anti-corruption values and principles. Accompanying materials such as handouts and videos are also available to facilitate the implementation of this manual.

By utilizing this resource, educators can effectively foster anti-corruption skills among children in preschool, nurturing their commitment to honesty and integrity while fostering a strong aversion to negative social phenomena like corruption.

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