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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev continues participating in the Khorezm Region Council of People's Deputies session.

Jorabek Rahimov, the acting governor of the Khorezm region, announced his plans to build schools and kindergartens, provide residents with housing and drinking water, repair roads, and improve living conditions in the neighborhood in general.

The president said that the mayor's initiative to improve sanitation in schools, to organize "2 languages ​​and one profession" rooms, and to open "IT parks" in 12 districts was good, and an additional UZS 60bn would be allocated for this. 

Also, UZS 30bn will be allocated to provide desks to 25 challenging schools by August 1. UZS 20bn will be earmarked for computer classes in 100 schools. In addition, the issue of equipping nine medical institutions with modern facilities will be resolved. 

Fourteen dilapidated bridges will be repaired in the region by the end of the year. Generally, $90 mn will be allocated to completely repair local roads. In 2023, $41mn will be given to start a project to improve drinking and wastewater in Pitnak, Urganch, and Khiva.

By the end of the year, works on the Kaparass pumping station will be completed to provide continuous drinking water to Tuproqkala, Hazorasp, Bogot, Khanka, and Yangiarik, and UZS 60bn will be allocated for this purpose. In addition, UZS 280bn will be transferred to improve the housing of 6,792 families under challenging conditions and to repair internal roads, electricity, and drinking water networks.

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