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At the end of 2022, Germany's public debt reached a record €2.37 trillion, according to preliminary data from the country's Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

Source: Bloomberg

Since the end of 2021, the state debt has increased by €46.1bn or 2%.

In 4Q22, the state debt increased by €41.9bn or 1.8%.

The debt ratio per capita at the end of 2022 was €28,155, while a year ago, the figure was €27,907.

According to Destatis, over the past year, the federal debt increased by 4.6% to €1.620 trillion, and the debt of federal lands decreased by 4.9% to €606.75bn.

At the same time, the volume of unpaid debt obligations of German cities and households increased by 5.2% and reached €140.17bn.

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