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The head of the special services of Kyrgyzstan, Kamchybek Tashiev, spoke about how he would fight corruption in his Facebook post.

According to him, today the Kyrgyz authorities are actively fighting such crimes.

This struggle includes three stages:

  1. Systematization of the fight against corruption, identification of the main direction;
  2. Strengthening punishment for crimes at the legislative level;
  3. Explanatory work, as well as information support

“Only the first stage has been completed. We thought it would take 2-3 or a maximum of 6 months. We have been fighting crime for 2.5 years already, and this takes a lot of strength and patience,” he stressed.

Tashiev proposed to oblige corrupt officials not only to compensate for the damage caused to the state and then receive a “light” punishment but also to significantly increase liability and confiscate all their property from criminals by court order.

“The second stage of the struggle may drag on for one or two years. It will be very hard, I will have to give up everything - from family, relatives, and friends. However, no person should be held unlawfully liable. Only together can we build a strong and just state,” the head of the special services wrote on his Facebook account.

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