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Women's activists in Uzbekistan will organize a comprehensive study of the problems of needy families to organize targeted assistance. This is provided in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers announced for public discussion.

Women's activist registers the service recipient's appeal through the module, based on the recommendations, a telephone conversation, an e-mail address or a message received on a social network.

The need for social services is determined through primary assessment and comprehensive assessment of service recipients. The level of risk (no risk, low, medium, high) is determined during the primary assessment.

If risk factors that do not have a significant impact on the life and activity of the recipient of the service are identified during the primary assessment, this is considered a low level of risk. In this case, the services may be short-term or one-time and may be resolved by referral to the responsible organization.

If there are two or more problematic situations in the service recipient's life, work, health, family, work or studies, and social relations, it is considered a medium risk.

Problems in four or more areas that have a serious negative impact on the recipient's life, domestic violence, maltreatment or child abuse, alcohol or drug addiction, moral problems, violations of the law, severe mental disorders, loss of residence, family conflict, and unrest are grounds for considering the service recipient to be in a high-risk situation.

Social services are primarily provided to the following categories of people:

  • the elderly;
  • those with limited motor activity, partial or complete loss of memory;
  • serious illness, diseases requiring long-term treatment;
  • mental illness and behavioural disorders, including persons consuming psychoactive substances;
  • persons with disabilities;
  • those in need of housing;
  • the unemployed;
  • the poor;
  • the children with behavioural disorders due to parental separation;
  • minors neglected by parents or their substitutes;
  • those who have lost social ties, including those who have returned from places of deprivation of liberty;
  • victims of persecution and violence;
  • those who are in a situation related to human trafficking;
  • victims of fire, natural disaster, disaster.

The discussion of this draft document will continue until April 7. You can get acquainted with the list of social services supported by women's activists through the following link.

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