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The Uzbek government approved the decision "On the establishment of the state reserve "Borsakelmas" in Karakalpakstan with a total area of ​​280,000 hectares in Kungirot district.

According to the decision, the state reserve "Borsakelmas" is included in the structure of the State Ecology Committee.

Financing the Reserve will be done from the funds of the Ecology, Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fund and other sources not prohibited by legislation. From 2023, the State Reserve will also have funding from the budget of Karakalpakstan.  The State Ecology Committee will be in charge of the implementation at the expense of the Fund for implementation of works related to ecology, environmental protection and waste and other sources not prohibited by legislation.

According to the document, natural complexes and landscapes, including rare and endangered species of plants and animals, are considered to be the main objects of protection in the territory of the reserve, and the lands in the protection zone of the reserve are located in these areas it was determined that land owners, land users and tenants will remain at their disposal.

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