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On March 23, a part of the railway bridge under construction collapsed in the Amudarya district of Karakalpakstan. District administration reacted to the situation.

Photo: Telegram/@uzb_meteo

During the visit of Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Khorezm region, the construction of a joint road and railway bridge over the Amudarya river connecting the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the Khorezm region began.

"Uzbekistan Railways" is the receiving body of the new bridge construction project, "Boshtransloyiha" is the main designer, and the constituent units of "Uzbekistan Railways" are the main contractor.

A suspension bridge was built through the Guzor-Bukhara-Nukus-Beinev highway (at about 718km mark) to establish a railway transport network from the territory of the Amudarya district to the territory of the Khorezm region.

Temporary support girders were installed on this bridge by the construction team. No one was injured in the accident. A team of experts and laboratory workers have been invited from Tashkent to investigate the situation.

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