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The capital of the Netherlands, in a unique fair entitled the 'Journey of the Country of Legends,' exhibits art pieces of Uzbek Artist Rakhimjon Khakimov, Dunyo reports. The fair, organized by Uzbekistan Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, and Amsterdam's Yunus Emre Institute, was devoted to the birthday of prominent national thinkers and statesmen Alisher Navoi and Zahriddin Muhammad Babur.

Reportedly, the artist conducted many studies to enhance the efficiency of the artwork, using different styles in the visual arts, including shadows and lighting, color harmony, shapes, etc.

The artist's works combine ancient marbling and classical painting techniques. He has also begun to embody ancient symbols, historical landscapes, and the nature of Uzbekistan, especially Bukhara and Samarkand. The vivid imagination of the artist, translated into colorful paintings, is pictorially manifested in the works exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Yunus Emre Institute.

These works of the Uzbek painter were exhibited in China, Russia, and other foreign countries and became well-known among art lovers.

The exhibition at the Yunus Emre Institute will last until March 5.

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