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The army of Uzbekistan has gone down to the 62nd position among 145 countries in the 2023 ranking of the strongest armies in the world. The corresponding rating was announced by the international company Global Firepower.

The USA, Russia, China, India, Great Britain, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France and Italy took the top ten in the rating. The rating is based on the PwrIndx - power index, the lower it is, the stronger the country's military. So far, no country has reached the maximum military strength of 0.0000. Uzbekistan received an index of 1.0692.

According to the military power of the Central Asian countries, the following positions were taken:

  1. Uzbekistan — 62nd place (1.0692 index)
  2. Kazakhstan - 63rd place (1.0873 index)
  3. Turkmenistan — 82nd place (1.5986 index)
  4. Kyrgyzstan — 107th place (2.1073 index)
  5. Afghanistan - 114th place (2.3118 index)
  6. Tajikistan — 120th place (2.6403 index)

Compilers of the Global Firepower rating provide detailed information on the number of tanks, aircraft, warships, etc. of the armies of the countries included in the list. According to the source, the total number of servicemen in Uzbekistan is 13.5 million people. Every year, 622,000 people are conscripted into the army. Currently, 65,000 people are serving in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 



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