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Uzbekistan’s government intends to introduce a complete ban on the export of liquefied gas due to widespread power outages across the republic, media reports. According to the new rules, all manufacturers and traders will be prohibited from exporting liquefied gas.

In cases where natural gas cannot be supplied to the population, it will be replaced with liquefied gas. It is also envisaged to extend the time limit for the electric power supply to pumping stations of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan until the end of the year, increase the import of gasoline as well as raw materials for the production of gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as to prevent intermediary companies from trading AI-80 gasoline on the stock exchange. As part of the measures, it is also planned to increase the daily volume of AI-80 gasoline.

Also until March 1, 2023, vehicles that work on compressed gas and are owned by the government will switch to gasoline.

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