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Headhunter( has provided Daryo with the list of companies with the highest wages.

Foto: “Daryo” / Madina Nurman

Photo: "Daryo" / Madina Nurman

The highest-paid specialty is consulting, where the maximum salary is 51.2mn UZS.

In September, representatives of the senior management sector received the highest average salary - 14.1mn UZS. Local employees received a minimum average salary of 2.8mn UZS.

The largest increase in the average salary in September compared to August was observed in the mass media - 116%.

In the field of marketing, advertising and PR, a 51% increase was recorded, while in higher management the figure was 49%.

Also, the average salary of employees in the trade sector decreased by 26% in one month.

Senior Management:

Minimum — 3.5mn UZS;
Average — 14.1mn UZS;
Maximum — 28.1mn UZS;

Information technology:
Minimum — 2.1mn UZS;
Average — 12.9mn UZS;
Maximum — 50.7mn UZS;

Minimum — 2.5mn UZS;
Average — 11.8mn UZS;
Maximum — 51.2mn UZS;

Arts, Entertainment, Media:
Minimum — 12mn UZS;
Average — 11.7mn UZS;
Maximum — 33.8mn UZS;

Accounting and Finance:
Minimum — 12mn UZS;
Average — 10.1mn UZS;
Maximum — 19.8mn UZS;

Production, agriculture:
Minimum — 2.2mn UZS;
Average — 8.7mn UZS;
Maximum — 22.2mn UZS;

Marketing, advertising, PR:
Minimum — 2.1mn UZS;
Average — 8.5mn UZS;
Maximum — 16.2mn UZS;

Working staff:
Minimum — 1.7mn UZS;
Average — 8.3mn UZS;
Maximum — 17.3mn UZS;

Minimum — 3mn UZS;
Average — 7.5mn UZS;
Maximum — 15.2mn UZS;

Banks, investments, leasing:
Minimum — 1mn UZS;
Average — 7.5mn UZS;
Maximum — 22.5mn UZS;

Construction, real estate:
Minimum — 1.3mn UZS;
Average — 6.9mn UZS;
Maximum — 23.2mn UZS;

Science, education:
Minimum — 1.5mn UZS;
Average — 6.6mn UZS;
Maximum — 15.2mn UZS;

Personnel management, training:
Minimum — 2mn UZS;
Average — 6.3mn UZS;
Maximum — 16.7mn UZS;

Medicine, pharmaceuticals:
Minimum — 2mn UZS;
Average — 6.3mn UZS;
Maximum — 16.9mn UZS;

Minimum — 1.8mn UZS;
Average — 6.1mn UZS;
Maximum — 21 mln.

Transport, logistics:
Minimum — 1.6mn UZS;
Average — 5.6mn UZS;
Maximum — 15.2mn UZS;

Tourism, hotels, restaurants:
Minimum — 925,000 UZS;
Average — 4.4mn UZS;
Maximum — 11.7mn UZS;

Administrative staff:
At least - 1.6mn UZS;
Average — 4mn UZS;
Maximum — 9.1mn UZS;

Minimum — 973,000 UZS;
Average — 3.5mn UZS;
Maximum — 11.6mn UZS;

Local staff:
Minimum — 925,000 UZS;
Average — 2.8mn UZS;
Maximum — 6.1mn UZS;

Khidoyatkhon Atabaev

Khidoyatkhon Atabaev

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