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For the first time, in the neuro-traumatology department of the multidisciplinary clinic of the Center for the Development of Professional Qualifications of Medical Workers, the practice of plasmolifting for hip and knee arthrosis and percutaneous vertebroplasty for vertebral fractures was mastered.

Source: “Daryo” / Madina Nurman

According to Sanjar Matkarimov, the chief doctor of the clinic, 65 of the 250 types of operations performed at the center are complex and unique surgical operations. In particular, the practice of stabilizing the cervical vertebrae with transpedicular fixation has been introduced.

Also, for the first time in Uzbekistan, a bipolar endoprosthetic treatment method was launched. In addition, diaphragmatic hernia removal was performed in the surgery department using the laparoscopic method, and sigmoid colon resection was performed in the coloproctology department. PRP therapy, i.e. procedures aimed at eliminating pathology in this part of the body by extracting the patient's plasma and injecting it into the joint, have been implemented.

"Now we have established strong cooperative relations with medical institutions of countries such as France, South Korea, Japan, UAE, India, Azerbaijan, and Lithuania. Together with their qualified doctors, we are conducting complex operations. In turn, a group of our employees returned from training in leading clinics in France, UAE, India, and Azerbaijan. This year, measures are being taken to further expand their ranks," said the doctor.

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