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The death toll in Türkiye climbed to 3,419 people, Vice President Fuat Oktay said on Tuesday (February 7), after a devastating earthquake hit the region.

Overwhelmed rescuers struggled to save people trapped under the rubble, with despair mounting and the scale of the disaster hampering relief efforts.

The magnitude 7.8 quake - Türkiye's deadliest since 1999 - hit early on Monday, toppling thousands of buildings including many apartment blocks, wrecking hospitals, and leaving thousands of people injured or homeless in Türkiye's and Syrian cities.

Türkiye's authorities say some 13.5mn people were affected in an area spanning roughly 450 km from Adana in the west to Diyarbakir in the east, and 300 km from Malatya in the north to Hatay in the south. In Syria, authorities have reported deaths as far south as Hama, some 100 km from the epicenter.

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