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Tashkent on Sunday (November 13) held a ceremony for the opening of the #wearethechildren photo exhibition organized with the support of UNESCO and the Ministry of Pre-school Education. The event is intended to draw public attention to the problems of children on their way to adulthood and becoming identical persons in society.

‘From the children’s perspective the world seems huge and incomprehensible, but today every guest has the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of young children. When we entered the hall, we were greeted by the wonderful eyes of our children, sometimes sad, but most of them are wide open and filled with great happiness. For many, childhood is their mother’s home or warm embrace, but for children all over the world, the most valuable thing is to know happiness. And today we are all here together to make this world joyful for our little citizens of the planet’, Minister of Pre-school Education Agrippina Shin said in her welcoming speech.

The gallery presents images of children from around the world.  Each photo has a description in four languages. A similar photo exhibition will be held in Paris and attended by photographers from Uzbekistan.

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