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Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Thursday addressed participants of the II International Economic Forum stressing that the main focus of discussion at this year's conference is based on prioritizing human interests in economic reforms. The President also shared his belief that the event will serve as a tool to develop a joint action plan evolving the participation of leading international organizations, foreign companies, and experts.

'Dear friends!

In the development strategy of New Uzbekistan, which was developed in consultation with our people and is currently being rapidly implemented, we have identified priority tasks for the implementation of active reforms in all areas based on the noble idea 'For human dignity'.

In particular, in 2022-2026, we aim to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth, develop human capital and reduce poverty by at least 2 times in our country. For this, we are systematically implementing the following priority tasks.

First of all, special attention is being paid to radically increasing the role of the private sector in the economy, supporting entrepreneurship, and improving the environment for investment and healthy competition.

In this regard, based on the conditions, characteristics, and opportunities of the regions, it is of great importance to consistently reduce the tax burden for businesses and provide financial resources.

Secondly, to increase the quality of life of the population and further improve the living conditions, we are implementing large-scale programs for the development of the infrastructure of each neighborhood.

In particular, within the framework of the "Prosperous village", "Prosperous neighborhood" and "Initiative budget" programs throughout our republic, the supply of drinking water, electricity, and internal roads, which are necessary for the population, have improved, and educational and medical institutions have improved. and other social facilities are being built.

Thirdly, special importance is attached to the full coverage of the poor and needy strata of the population with the targeted social protection system, and to expanding the scope of their comprehensive support.

In this regard, the issue of increasing the quality of professional education, attracting the population, primarily young people and women to entrepreneurship through training in modern professions that are in high demand in the labor market, and providing a guaranteed source of income occupies an important place in our strategy. .

Fourthly, measures are being taken to ensure macroeconomic stability in our country and curb inflation in the conditions of the dangerous situation that has arisen in foreign markets and partner countries. As a result, economic growth of more than 5 percent is expected in our country this year.

Fifth, by introducing water and resource-saving, "smart" technologies to agriculture, we will constantly focus on creating sustainable production systems and ensuring food safety.

Sixth, expanding trade-economic and investment cooperation with all partner countries, entering foreign markets with competitive products, and ensuring interdependence through the development of transport and logistics systems in this regard is one of the main directions of our reforms.

Dear forum participants!

Of course, New Uzbekistan closely cooperates with international financial organizations, foreign countries, and leading companies in realizing the high goals it has set for itself.

At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to all our partners who support us and actively participate in the implementation of joint projects.

I am sure that the participation of representatives of influential organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and potential investors will make the work of this forum more effective.

I believe that the participants of today's conference will reach mutually beneficial agreements on the implementation of new projects and make a worthy contribution to the further expansion of our partnership relations.

Taking this opportunity, I wish you all good health, great energy, and luck in your honorable and responsible work, and great success in the work of the forum.'

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