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Deputy Director of Zangiota Infectious Disease Hospital Hilola Alimova has explained BA.5, Covid-19’s dominant omicron strain signs and symptoms in children. According to her, because the immune system of persons under 18 years of age is relatively weak, children are more likely to contract infectious diseases, including coronavirus.

‘In addition, patients with associated diseases such as children with epilepsy, heart disease, suffer a more severe form of coronavirus’, Hilola Alimova stressed, adding that the symptoms of BA.5 strain are almost identical to previously dominant BA.2 subvariant that include flu, sore throat, and redness, as well as  SARS, diarrhea, and obstruction in 3-5% of patients with a tendency to allergy.

‘First and foremost, we need to establish the correct diagnosis. Given that the symptoms may be similar to those of any SARS, as well as food poisoning or rotavirus, it is necessary to seek medical assistance from specialists’, she emphasized.

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