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Uzbekistan has seen a rise in the number of coronavirus patients in recent days. According to Nurmat Atabekov, Deputy Head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing and Public Health Service, the epidemiological situation has deteriorated due to the omicron strain outbreak, which previously affected mainly elderly patients. He emphasized the new variant overwhelmed the world over the past 10 days, including Uzbekistan, and is being detected in all age groups.

Nurmat Atabekov stressed that the omicron strain is also widely spread in Uzbekistan. 'When it first entered our country, it was mainly detected in the elderly, and now it does not choose the age', he said. 

‘We are concerned that patients with acute respiratory disease and coronavirus are now entering the hospitals. With a mixed infection, two infectious agents infect the body simultaneously, complications can be more severe’, Nurmat Atabekov emphasized, adding that over the last seven days nearly 500 patients with coronavirus have been hospitalized in the country and about 350 patients have been discharged from the hospital.

Earlier, Nurmat Atabekov said that cases of mixed infection of coronavirus with other respiratory diseases were recorded in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan on Wednesday (November 30) registered 154 new Covid-19 cases. Tashkent continues to record most of the patients; the Uzbek capital detected 79 patients on the same day. 





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