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  • RUB 173.84
  • EUR 10772.44

The Uzbek government has recently disclosed the draft decision of the Cabinet of Ministers 'On amendments and additions to certain decisions of the Government'. According to the document, the procedure for customs control of the cash equivalent of more than 70mn UZS imported and exported by individuals is established by filling out the passenger customs declaration and presenting it to the customs body.

Under the new amendment, the declared amount is determined to be over 100mn UZS. It clarifies that when individuals present undeclared amounts of cash currency over the specified amount required to fill out a declaration, the procedure for explaining the rules for filling out a declaration to individuals by employees of the customs authorities would be introduced.

Reportedly, the adoption of the project would ensure the regulation of relations related to the import and export of foreign currency, the creation of a favorable climate for business entities, and the saving of state budget funds.

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