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Another shocking footage of extreme cruelty has flooded Uzbekistan’s local segment of social media recently. The video of the resident butchering a tree-tied wild wolf in front of a group of several men spread over some telegram channels.

The State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection along with law enforcement officers have studied the incident.

As a result of the inspection, one of the men in the video is set to pay a penalty fee amounting 3mn UZS (≈$300) as he was found guilty of an offense under articles 42  of the law 'On Protection and Use of the Animal World', as well as articles 17 and 27 of the law 'On Hunting and Hunting Industry'. The locals were asked not to hunt wild animals living in the natural environment.

Earlier this month Uzbek MP Elena Babenko said that members of Parliament’s Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection work on a draft law on animal protection; the bill would oblige citizens to become accountable for animal abuse.  She also stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the liability for animal cruelty by increasing the penalties.

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