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Panji Nurtoyev, a member of the Kamashi district council of people's deputies, insulted Otabek Koldoshev, a reporter of "Daryo" New agency who was performing his duties and used strong swear words.

I am a member of the district council, I smash a journalist like you, - the deputy said to the journalist who tried to calm him.

He also admitted that he beat the schoolboy to death and regretted not killing him.

"I regret that I did not kill that student," the deputy continued.

If you want, is there a man called Aktamov (referring to the chairman of the Central Council of UzLiDeP, Aktam Hayitov - "Daryo" comment), a speaker? I also beat Tanzila Norboyev, I beat the deputy, I beat you too, says the deputy.

Despite being warned that his conversation with the journalist was being recorded, the politician continued to insult him, saying that he was not afraid of anyone.

"Daryo" contacted the officials of the Secretariat of the District Council of People's Deputies and the Secretariat of the Regional Council of People's Deputies in connection with this action of the deputy and informed them about this action of the deputy.

We have taken control of this situation and will respond accordingly, - said Nilufar O'taganova, head of the secretariat of the Regional Council of People's Deputies.

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