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By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Samarkand Archeological Institute named after Yahya Ghulomov and its Bukhara branch has been established.

The Academy of Sciences will transfer all its liabilities to the Cultural Heritage Agency.

The institute is primarily assigned to conduct fundamental research on the history of the material and spiritual culture of Central Asia, including the developed Middle Ages, starting from the ancient Stone Age. 

Additionally, to study:
• the pre-historic time of the territory of Uzbekistan, the formation of civilization, the statehood of the first cities, the outlook of ancient societies, the emergence and development of world religions, trade relations and the history of the "Great Silk Road";
• metallurgy and mining, identification of archaeological monuments, conducting archaeological research, mapping and putting them into scientific circulation;
• the development of the scientific basis for turning unique archaeological monuments in the territory of the republic into open-air museums.

Method of repairing archaeological finds and restoration of ancient technological methods, as well as attracting archaeological researches with the appropriate permit issued by the competent authority in this direction, training scientific personnel in the field of archaeology, studying the achievements of world science based on the scientific directions of the institute. "learning, using them and organizing joint researches at the local and international level are among the tasks of the institute.

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