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August 30. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke about the winners of the World Chess Olympiad at the awarding ceremony of fellow citizens on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of independence in Koksaroy. Daryo correspondent reports.

"The fact that the Uzbekistan national team became the Olympiad champion is the result of the attention paid to youth in recent years. It is also gratifying that our girls also competed well in the tournament.

"Hosting the 46th World Chess Olympiad in Uzbekistan is a sign of international recognition," the head of state stressed. 
When I go to the regions and talk to our servicemen or feel proud of their achievements reading the news," Shavkat Mirziyoyev continued

The head of state also talked to people during his visits to the regions.
"During my visits to the regions, I talk to people, and when I ask about their problems, young people say, ``Mr. President, we have such and such problems.'' And I make sure resolve them," the president said.

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