• USD 11095.31
  • RUB 173.84
  • EUR 10772.44

The regional polymer production leader has signed an agreement with Air Products to process industrial gases to build a methanol plant in the free economic zone "Karakul", located in the Bukhara region, on an area of 15 hectares.

The facility, known as "Methanol Island", will have a capacity of 1.34 million tons per year and will become part of the gas chemical complex for the production of Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) in Uzbekistan.

Unlike traditional plants based on the MTO technology, which use less environmentally friendly coal, the world's advanced innovative technologies applied at the MTO Mining and Chemical Combine allow the processing of natural gas specific to Uzbekistan with a low content of valuable components into polymer products with high added value, with a production capacity of more than 1,110,000 tons per year.

GCC MTO will produce:

  • polypropylene (250 thousand tons per year), used for the production of artificial fibres, electrical engineering and automotive components.
  • low-density polyethene (80 thousand tons per year), a raw material for the production of pipes, insulating materials, packaging and food films, and mouldings;
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate (100 thousand tons per year), is used for the production of floor coverings, footwear and sports equipment;
  • polyethene terephthalate (300 thousand tons per year), which can also be used for the production of containers, films and synthetic fibres;
  • high-density polyethene (280 thousand tons per year), which will be used for the production of pipes and fittings, barrels and fuel cans, freezer containers, protective helmets, and furniture fittings.

The methanol production plant will provide a stable supply of methanol, hydrogen and other technical gases, in particular oxygen and nitrogen, which are necessary for the production processes of the MTO Gas Chemical Complex.

The planned commissioning date is 2025, and the expected service life is 25 years.



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