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The top priority of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) during the recent visit of its delegation to Uzbekistan was linked with road safety and climate change mitigation, Chief of Information Unit Jean Rodriguez told the media.

‘International road corridors in Uzbekistan should follow harmonized international road safety design, maintenance and road safety procedures, and regulatory standards to be safe and to provide efficient transport connectivity. Apart from infrastructure development, the implementation of digital means such as electronic consignment notes (eCMR) and electronic data exchange for the TIR Convention (eTIR International system) for facilitating trade and the seamless and secure movement of goods in international transport will further strengthen the transport and transit potential of Uzbekistan’, Jean Rodriguez noted.

The Road Safety Performance Review is guided by the UNECE Inland Transport Committee’s Recommendations for Enhancing National Road Safety Systems, which give a comprehensive picture of Uzbekistan’s road safety systems that should comprise all key elements defined by the global plan for the Decade of Action 2021-2030.

‘The RSPR recommendations will cover all key action areas (legislation, enforcement, education, technology) of the national road safety system and advice on their implementation. Possible actions, national coordination, international support, and application of relevant UN road safety-related legal instruments will be specifi­ed in RSPR recommendations (e.g. speed limits in urban areas should be set to 50 km/h, mandatory use of safety belts and child restraint systems could save many lives, etc). UNECE will support its implementation through capacity development and policy dialogue with national stakeholders,’ he concluded.

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