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December 8 is to mark the 30th year since Uzbekistan adopted its constitution. With this in mind, Tashkent law authorities on Thursday (December 1) chaired a conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the republic’s most important law, which serves as a guarantee of human dignity, as well as a free and prosperous life.

 This year’s celebration takes place under the banner of some vital constitutional reforms, as amendments and additions are envisaged in 76 articles of the Constitution. According to the draft law, 15 new articles and 1 new chapter are planned to be introduced into the Basic Law. The project takes into account about 160 thousand proposals submitted by citizens.

The event included the presentation of ‘Constitutional reforms; experience of the countries of the world, ‘Constitutions of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and ‘World Constitutions’ publications.

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