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On November 28, Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the law "On state registration of rights to real estate".

According to the " Huquqiy axborot " Telegram channel of the Ministry of Justice, the law regulates the rights to the following types of real estate: land plots, buildings, structures, including unfinished objects, perennial trees, and an entity as a property complex.

The following rights or restrictions to real estate must be registered in the state register:

  • property rights;
  • permanent ownership right;
  • right of continuous use;
  • the right to be inherited for life;
  • the right to rent;
  • secondary lease right;
  • the right to run an economy;
  • the right to operational management;
  • the right to trust management of real estate;
  • right of free use;
  • rent;
  • mortgage;
  • servitude;
  • restrictions on rights to real estate.

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