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Political scientist Kamoliddin Rabbimov, who gave a speech at the Forum of Central Asia experts held in Tashkent on November 15, urged the countries of the region to unite and said that threats in the process of globalization can be countered only through integration, "Daryo" correspondent reports.

Rabbimov said that at the beginning of the last century, unity was strong in Central Asian countries, but the system of "divide and rule" during the time of the Former Union degraded the countries.

“About a century ago, the regional identity of Central Asia was strong. Although there is diversity in language, lifestyle, local values ​​and identities, no one is committed to ethnic nationalism.

But during the time of the Former Union, there was a division in the region. The territory was isolated because each nation was given a separate government and proxy sovereignty,” the political scientist added.

According to political scientists, under the pressure of powerful countries around the region, Central Asian countries should unite and find solutions to problems together.

“One of the deadliest wars in the world is taking place in the post-Soviet region (between Ukraine and Russia - ed.). At first, this war scared many people. But by now, it can be seen that this event is turning into a historical bonus in the geopolitical independence of the Central Asian region," he explained his thoughts.

Kamoliddin Rabbimov also emphasized that countries in the region should abandon the system of ruling the government with clans and nepotism.

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