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On September 22, Shavkat Mirziyoyev took part in the session of the Tashkent Regional Council of People's Deputies in Nurafshon where he nominated Zoir Mirzayev to be the Tashkent region khokim.

The Deputies unanimously approved Zoir Mirzaye's candidacy who then presented his plan.

In his presentation, the new Tashkent region governor proposed a house provision for the low-income population.

President Mirziyoyev ordered to:

  • allocate 100 billion soums of subsidy for housing mortgages for needy people next year;
  • submit a proposal for the construction of the "New Uzbekistan" massif in the Zangiota district;
  • overhaul 19 dilapidated multi-storey buildings in the cities of Almalik, Chirchik, Angren, Bekobad, Ohangaron, Nurafshan and Yangiyol.

The President proposed the start of a new mortgage program "My First House" in the Tashkent region next year.

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