• USD 10940.05
  • RUB 182.26
  • EUR 11121.65

This football school was established with the support of the well-known Spanish club "Real Madrid" and started its operation in October last year. Stadiums with natural and artificial grass, fitness hall, educational buildings and dormitory boast the latest technological advancement. Training sessions are conducted in accordance with the traditions of the "Real Madrid" football club.

Three Spanish coaches instruct more than 200 students at the academy. There are many young people who want to train at the site. Therefore, children from 11 to 17 years old are accepted on a selective basis. Recently, 48 talented trainees came to improve their skills in Spain.

“I am happy to see your bright eyes. I believe you will become famous players and champions in the future. The most important thing is that you will grow up healthy and love sports. This is our goal,” the President said.  

The head of our state instructed the officials to implement the new "mahallabay" system, ensuring the employment of the population, reducing poverty, and solving the problems of citizens.


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