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Yulduz Usmanova, People's Artist of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, presented her new concert program at the "Peoples Friendship Palace" on February 16-28. Journalist Feruz Muhammad spoke with Yulduz Usmanova during the big concert program that lasted thirteen days and consisted of 17 sessions.

During the interview, Yulduz Usmanova shared her personal thoughts about the reason why no one gives their daughter to choreography and on social networks, which are turning into a garbage dump.

She claims that nowadays everybody working in the media sphere are afraid of certain spoken regulations of media authorities, so they try to obey them as much as possible. There is also a monopoly of votes in at castings and judges mainly choose those, who look pretty enough and the talented kids are left out.

Source: "Daryo"

For this reason, Usmonova was one of the judges at the casting that she held to find backup dancers for her concert program.

She also raises the topic of dancers from regions of Uzbekistan. "In my youth, we used to gather with other talented people in my region to come to Tashkent and promote ourselves, or our teachers would bring people as well," - she says. "But now, nobody from the region seems to be interested in becoming an artist and nobody comes to Tashkent. There is a shortage of dancers."

Another topic that she brings up relates to media authorities that regulate the activities of dancers. "Young female artists are taken to performances at weddings, which usually end after midnight and there are many drunk men, so this becomes the problem of their security and honor."

Lastly, the artist claims that social media like "TikTok" and others are "garbage dumps" and that true artists spend their time working on their skills and schedules rather than scrolling social media and uploading their content there.

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