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The Ministries of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan developed amendments to the agreement between the two governments on the conditions of mutual travel of citizens. The new document will allow citizens of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to stay in the territory of the countries for up to 30 days without temporary registration, media reports.

The protocol states that citizens of the state of one party, regardless of their permanent residence, will be able to enter, leave, transit, and move through the territory of another state, if the duration of their visit does not exceed 30 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border, a total of 90 calendar days during each period of 180 calendar days without issuing a temporary residence permit.

At present, citizens of both countries may stay without registration in the territory of another state for only five days.

It is stipulated that if a national of one country stays in the other for more than 30 calendar days, he or she must obtain a temporary residence permit. However, the requirement to obtain and produce migration cards when crossing the border by any mode of transport is eliminated.

It is also amended that national of any of the two counties, while in the territory of another state, is bound by his or her national law.



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