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The press conference on Monday (November 28) dedicated to the participation of Uzbekistan’s delegation in the 27th meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, forecasted the climate migrants that would appear on Earth in the next three decades.

According to Ibratjon Karimov, Deputy General Director of Uzbekistan’s Center of Hydrometeorological Service, by 2050, 5mn people in Central Asian countries may become climate migrants.

‘In the next 30 years, the number of climate migrants in the countries of Central Asia will reach 5mn, and they will be forced to leave their places of residence and move to other regions,’ he said.

Following the World Bank estimates, by 2050, a total of 216mn people in 6 regions of the globe may become ‘climate migrants’ due to climate change, drought, water shortages, and adverse bioclimatic conditions.

Taking immediate action to reduce global emissions and support green, inclusive and sustainable development could reduce climate migration by 80%.

By 2050, the number of internal climate migrants in Sub-Saharan Africa could reach 86mn, in East Asia and the Pacific – 49mn, in South Asia – 40mn, in North Africa – 19mn, in Latin America – 17mn, and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – 5mn.

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