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A fact-finding team tasked with investigating a deadly soccer stampede in Indonesia has concluded that tear gas was the main cause of death in one of the world's worst stadium disasters, the country's security minister said on Friday (October 14).

Coordinating Security Minister Mahfud MD said a separate team was still investigating the toxicity of the gas used, but that whatever the result, it could not "diminish the conclusion that the massive (number of) deaths was mainly caused by tear gas."

Mahfud added the findings, detailed in a 124-page list of recommendations, had been handed to the president.

The fact-finding team also found the police personnel on duty had no knowledge of the prohibition of tear gas at soccer matches. The tear gas had been fired "indiscriminately" and the officers had employed "excessive" measures, it said. More than 130 people died in a crush after a match at Kanjuruhan stadium in East Java on October 1.

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