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August 30. The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan approved the measures to introduce the Mobile-ID system of identification of individuals to prevent people from visiting public agencies and waiting in long queues at organizations to use the service. The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan reports.

The new Mobile-ID system that provides identification of a person by his mobile phone number allows users to use all government services without using an electronic digital signature (except for financial services provided in the credit sector). Identification of a person using the Mobile-ID system is carried out at the request of a person by the state service centre or notary office or through the mobile application of the Unified interactive state services portal.
Identification of users to the Mobile-ID system through a direct state service centre or a notary office is free of charge until December 31, 2022, with a one-time fee of 2 % of the base calculation amount starting from January 1, 2023. 

In order to be identified in the Mobile-ID system, users must have a mobile phone number.  (with an active account balance) assigned to the PINFL in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 177 dated April 120, 2022 and an active mobile phone number issued by the mobile phone service provider registered in Uzbekistan.

When the user has several mobile phone numbers, based on his choice, only one mobile phone number is identified in the Mobil-ID system. After identification in the Mobile-ID system, users will receive the status of "Approved user" and will be able to use all electronic government services (except for financial services provided in the credit system). It is not allowed to carry out identification in the Mobile-ID system on the basis of a power of attorney or through a representative.

Identification through the Mobile-ID system is not applicable to legal entities. The system is used for the following purposes:
• Confirmation (authentication) of users when online portals and information systems of state bodies and organizations through the OneID system;
• Confirmation (verification) of the authenticity of the user using the Mobile-ID system;
• approval of applications submitted by users for the use of electronic government services;
• receiving notifications about the user's personal information received by state bodies and organizations through the "Electronic Government" system;
• to allow the user to receive his/her personal data from state bodies and organizations, economic associations, and non-governmental organizations through the "Electronic Government" system;

The period of identification in the Mobile-ID system is not limited. Only a person (user) can cancel identification in the Mobil-ID system at any time and at his/her own discretion through the state service centres. 


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