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Uzbekistan has been acknowledged as the country with the highest level of life satisfaction, among the Turkic-speaking countries, Review news agency reports.

The study relied on data collected from a total of 7,059 participants from the Turkic-speaking countries of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Cyprus, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

85.9% of the population of Turkic-speaking countries are happy, 11.3% are not happy, and 2.8% are not happy at all.

Among the Turkic-speaking countries, it is noted that the level of happiness of Azerbaijanis is high and Uzbekistan is recognized as the country with the highest level of life satisfaction. 

According to the results of the study by, the level of importance of family and friends in life has a greater influence on life satisfaction, while the influence of politics and religion is lower.

Also, there is a positive correlation between life satisfaction and financial satisfaction, and a one-point increase in financial satisfaction increases life satisfaction by ten points.

In Turkic-speaking countries, there is a strong correlation between life satisfaction and national pride.

A high level of national pride is recorded in Uzbekistan and Turkey, and a relatively low level is recorded in Cyprus and Kyrgyzstan.

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