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On August 4, Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the law "On activities related to tax consultation" that allows providing tax consulting services to legal entities and individuals.

Tax consulting includes a number of services, including advising the client on the calculation, payment, preparation of reports of taxes and fees, and representation in courts, law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

However, providing legal assistance by lawyers on taxation issues, and representation in court and other state bodies are not considered tax consultation.

The Ministry of Finance is the responsible state body for tax advisory activities.

The Chamber of Tax Consultants of Uzbekistan is a voluntary professional association of tax consultants and organizations of tax consultants.

An individual with a qualification certificate will be a tax consultant.

An application to pass the qualification exam is submitted to the Chamber of Tax Consultants. A fee, 600 thousand soums, are paid for participation in the qualification exams for obtaining this certificate.


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