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Uzbeks eat salt three times higher than the norm recommended by the WHO, Deputy Head of Sanitary Epidemiological Service (SES) Nurmat Atabekov said, speaking at the briefing at the Agency of Information and Mass Communications in Tashkent.

‘The study conducted jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO) found that adults aged 18 to 64 in Uzbekistan on average consume 14.9 grams of salt per day, which is three times higher recommended amount’, Nurmat Atabekov said, stressing that the WHO suggests that adults eat less than 5 grams of salt (a teaspoon) a day.

Besides, the Deputy Head of SES voiced that almost half of Uzbekistan’s population is overweight, 20% are obese, and 46% suffer from increased cholesterol. He suggests consuming more vegetables and fruits daily instead.

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