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Lolagul Kallikhanova, speaking at the trial of those accused of the Nukus events, said that the deputies of the Jokari Kenes, (Supreme Council of Karakalpakstan) were very passive and did not sufficiently communicate with the people.

“As mentioned earlier, the deputies of Jokari Kenes were very passive. This would not have happened if they had consulted the people a little. I know it is against the law and I am ready to be held responsible,” the journalist said during the court proceedings.  

The judge: The video material on the meeting of 22 lawyers with the participation of Dauletmurat Tajimuratov was posted on the Telegram channel "" at 07:31 on June 28. Who recommended posting the material of this meeting on the channel?

Lolagul Kallikhanova: “If you have seen the video on my channel, I posted everything that happened in Karakalpakstan; a flash mob video or an opinion. No one recommended it. I did it on my own initiative."

"This video was published on Tajimuratov’s channel on June 29. You posted this material a day ago, Is it true?" the judge asked.

"I received the Telegram-bot Makanuzbot" she replied.

The notorious journalist said that a video of Tajimuratov inciting people to hold a demonstration also appeared on her Telegram bot.

When the court questioned again about the purpose of the video material, the journalist answered that the Karakalpak people had reached that level and pleaded guilty.

“We made a big mistake; we threw stones at our country. Every person's death during riots on his conscience and no jail can justify these actions," Kallikhanova responded.

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