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Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree "On the introduction of a qualitatively new system of training qualified personnel in the field of criminal investigation" that envisions

  • Establishment of the Academy of Law Enforcement on the basis of the Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office;
  • Termination of the Specialized branch of the Tashkent State Law University and transfer of its staff units, educational and material-technical base to the academy.

The following are the main directions of the academy's activities:

  • in-depth targeted basic training of specialists of crime investigation, introducing an effective system of developing high moral, psychological, analytical and professional qualities combined with the culture of unconditional observance of human rights and freedoms in learners;
  • training, retraining and upgrading of personnel in other areas of investigative and law enforcement activities based on programs aimed at forming and developing special professional skills, conveying the essence of judicial reforms;
  • establishment of a system of training and retraining of employees of state bodies and other organizations based on special training programs in the areas of combating corruption and money laundering;
  • implementation of interactive teaching methods in the educational process aimed at developing the skills of independent work in criminal cases based on the effective determination of the methodology and tactics of crime investigation;
  • organizing an educational process aimed at ensuring the inextricable connection between theoretical training and the practice of law enforcement based on modern forms of education, pedagogical and information technologies, including in the form of distance education;
  • organization of a comprehensive system of training, retraining and professional development aimed at forming and strengthening knowledge and skills, including systematic analysis and critical thinking, high feelings of justice and responsibility for ensuring legality, among employees of prosecutor's offices;
  • training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel, carrying out comprehensive scientific research on the most urgent issues of law enforcement activities on a systematic basis, including involving national and international grants;
  • analysis and diagnosis of the causes and conditions of crimes, including pre-investigation inspection documents and criminal cases based on the study of their specific types, as well as methodical and consultative provision of crime prevention and crime-fighting activities;
  • conducting joint scientific research in the field of jurisprudence, carrying out continuous international cooperation on the exchange of advanced pedagogical experience, and attracting qualified specialists of leading higher education and research organizations of foreign countries to the educational process.

The Academy is a specialized higher education and scientific-research institution that is part of the organizational structure of the General Prosecutor's Office and has the status of a legal entity. The Academy is headed by a head appointed and dismissed by the president, whose group, terms of transport and medical care are equal to those of the heads of higher military and specialized educational institutions.

The Academy is the legal successor of the Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office regarding rights and obligations. No less than 30 percent of the composition of the Academy's departments specialized in the field of investigation is formed by highly qualified specialists who have many years of practical work experience in the investigation and investigation structures of internal affairs bodies, State Security Service and customs bodies.

The management staff and professors of the institution are subject to the remuneration, material incentives and other benefits specified for the General Prosecutor's Office employees and other employees.

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