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Uzbekistan may ban an official holding regional, district, or city mayor positions to hold simultaneously the position of chairman of the relevant Council of People's Deputies, the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Odiljon Tojiyev informs.

According to the deputy, it is proposed to include a new part in Article 99 of the Constitution with the following content: "A person who holds the position of regional, district, city mayor cannot simultaneously hold the position of chairman of the relevant Council of People's Deputies."

In an audio chat organized on Twitter in early August, Odiljon Tojiyev said that in the current Constitution, the assignment of the chairmanship of the local council to the governors creates a guaranteed place for a deputy.

"Before this might be necessary, but now it has lost its power. Many objections have been expressed on social networks, that is, how can the mayor lead the reporting body, in other words, he can report to himself? Similar illogical situations in the Constitution are being eliminated," he said.

Also, the addition of a new part to Article 112 of the current Constitution considers the safety of the judge and his family members.

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