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Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy Zhurabek Mirzamakhmudov reflected on fractional power outages across the republic. According to the head of the governmental department, the current weather conditions demand implementing planned power outages to avoid more serious consequences, reports, citing the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan.

‘Our task is to supply gas to people’s homes, as well as to produce electricity at thermal power plants using natural gas, as well as to supply electric power. Yes, there are objections. Not everyone gets [electricity and gas], there are a lot of outages. We admit it, no one denies it, Minister of Energy said.

‘If we do not get out [of the situation] with the introduction of planned restrictions in such weather conditions, tomorrow there may be more serious consequences. That is why we have to take such drastic measures, the head of the governmental department added.

The other day, Tashkent City Council said it tries to distribute existing gas reserves among all consumers, but there is not enough fuel.  For this reason, it was decided to shut down gas stations for all cars except public transport. 

Veolia Energy Tashkent, managing the heating system of the capital of Uzbekistan, informed that due to the observed shortage of natural gas, boiler houses in some areas of the city do not generate heat at the corresponding temperature. This, in turn, leads to a deterioration in the quality of heating. 

Power outages in the county’s several regions have been observed since November. This was caused by a decrease in the gas supply to the thermal power plant (which generates about 90% of the total electricity in the country), the Ministry of Energy reported

The National Dispatch Center has requested regional enterprises to reduce energy consumption so that Uzbekistan does not cause an accident in the Central Asian power system.

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