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The Council of People's Deputies of the city of Tashkent approved the decision “On the master plan for the greening of the city of Tashkent”, Norma reports.

The document envisages greening the city of Tashkent in 2023-2027, where:

  • About 7 million seasonal flowers;
  • No less than 75,000 tree saplings and bushes will be planted.
  • creation of a list of places where water can accumulate and flood in the city during the rainy season by the end of the year and take measures to eliminate them.

The decision defines the following tasks.

  • Increase the level of the greenness of the capital to 30% by 2024;
  • to the department of ecology and environmental protection and district hokims to install devices that capture dust and gases with an efficiency of not less than 95 percent in the stationary sources of atmospheric air pollution of enterprises belonging to categories I and II in terms of environmental impact load control installation;
  • inspect irrigation networks on the streets of city and district centers, and take measures for the current repair and renewal of networks;
  • attracting foreign experts to save trees from harmful insects;
  • In 2022-2024, beautification of the shores of the canals passing through the city (62 km section), strengthening of the banks of the canals, greening and establishment of parks.

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