• USD 10920.28
  • RUB 177.49
  • EUR 11052.42

On August 2, the meeting of the Senate Committee on Budget and Economic Reforms was given the information on 95 embezzlement cases costing 55.2 to the state budget before the plenary session.  

The parliamentarians prepare drafts of normative legal documents developed in connection with the implementation of 33 items of the state program in the direction of rapid development of the national economy and ensuring high growth rates have not been adopted to date.

Despite the reforms implemented in the field, corruption cases are not decreasing in the economic and social spheres.

In 6 months of 2022, 95 crimes related to embezzlement and other forms of corruption in state procurement were exposed, costing the republic’s budget 55.2 billion soums.

Violations of the law were mainly committed by falsifying documents in tenders, purchasing products at artificially high prices, and not delivering purchased products worth 5.2 billion soums, not performing work and services, making additions or not delivering.


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